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  Hello - and welcome to my little slice of real estate on the web. My name is Thomas Gladysz (it's Polish, pronounced Gwa-dish). I grew up in Harper Woods, a suburb of Detroit, and attended Michigan State University in East Lansing before going west as a young man. I have lived in San Francisco, California since 1985.

I have many interests, including movies, vintage television, history, the visual arts, music of all kinds, contemporary literature, and computing. Believe it or not, I've been online since 1989, almost before there was a "world wide web." I have bungee jumped, make a superb garlic soup, once met Paul McCartney, and had a close encounter with the Dalia Lama. I have shook the hand of one President of the United States, Jimmy Carter (the first President I ever voted for), and met half the bridge crew of the original Star Trek, as well as eighth Doctor Who.

I'm a longtime "culture worker," which means I have held jobs in and related to the arts. I've worked as an art critic for a wire service, bookseller at an independent bookstore, publicist and event coordinator (something like a producer), and a content and web developer. Past clients include the Steven Barclay Agency, author Remy Charlip, M is for Mystery bookstore, and the San Francisco International Boogie Woogie Festival, among others. I am, as well, an independent researcher. You'll find my work acknowledged and footnoted in nearly two dozen books published around the world.

As an arts and entertainment writer, I've authored well more than 1000 articles for various newspapers, magazines, literary journals and news websites including, most recently, the Huffington Post and San Francisco Chronicle. I write about books and authors, film, popular music, popular culture, and the visual arts.


My work has been included in books published by the National Gallery of Art, HarperCollins, University of Nebraska Press, Gale Group, and others. I also edited and wrote the introduction to the "Louise Brooks Edition" of Margarete Bohme's classic novel, The Diary of a Lost Girl (PandorasBox Press). Film critic Leonard Maltin praised it as a work of "passion" and "enormous research." [read more]

I am the founding Director of the Louise Brooks Society, an online archive and international fan club dedicated to the iconic silent film star. As Director, I've curated exhibits, contributed to books, appeared on television and radio, lectured, and introduced the actress' films around the world. The LBS and its award winning website, blog and online radio station have been hailed in the New York Times, USA Today, and in newspapers around the world. [read more]

For a number of years, I worked as a bookseller, mainly at The Booksmith in San Francisco. I launched their pioneering website, managed internet sales, acted as publicist, and ran the store's widely acclaimed events program - putting on nearly 1000 events over the course of a decade. I also represented the store at national conventions, served on the Board of Directors of the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association (a regional trade group), and was a member of the booksellers advisory board of the Paris Review. [read more]  

As both a film historian and a bookseller, I've given talks, introduced speakers, conducted onstage interviews, and participated in panel discussions at venues including the San Francisco Public Library, Castro Theater, Detroit Institute of the Arts, Village Voice Bookshop (Paris), and elsewhere. As a journalist, critic, bookseller, and recognized authority on early film, I've also been the subject of stories in publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Wired, Publisher's Weekly, and Film International, as well as on local affiliates of National Public Radio. Some of my media appearances are noted below.

Explore this website to find out more about me and my activities. To reach me via email, send a message to silentfilmbuff. Friend me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter @thomas_gladysz. Offer me a job via LinkedIN. Or shop my author page.

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