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  I have been writing for print publications since 1984. I've been a staff reporter, columnist, book reviewer, editor, and free-lance writer, as well as an art critic for a regional wire service. My 500+ published articles include feature stories, reviews, and interviews, most all of which appeared in various newspapers or magazines; a handful of my pieces have also appeared in literary journals, trade journals, and the alternative press. Listed below is a representitive selection of my work for print publications. To read what I've written for online news sites, please visit my "Online Journalism" page. Some of my print journalism has been included in a books, some of which are pictured here.

Spontaneous Mind: Selected Interviews, 1958-1996 / HarperCollins

Encyclopedia of the
Great Plains
/ Univ. of Nebraska Press

The Diary of a Lost Girl /
PandorasBox Press

Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg / Prestel


Böhme, Margarete. The Diary of a Lost Girl (Louise Brooks edition). PandorasBox Press, 2014.
-- wrote extensive introduction to 2nd revised edition (in preparation)

"He Who Gets Slapped." Ebertfest (16th Annual Roger Ebert's Film Festival) 2014.
-- program essay


"A Girl in Every Port." Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, 2013.
-- program essay for University of Wisconsin Cinematheque

"Tears of a Clown." Telluride Film Festival, 2013.
-- program essay

"The Patsy, 1928." San Francisco Silent Film Festival, 2013.
-- program essay

"Alma Rubens: A Marked Woman." San Francisco Silent Film Festival, 2013.
-- program essay


"The Street of Forgotten Men." Syracuse CineFest, 2012.
-- program essay

"Pandora's Box, 1929." San Francisco Silent Film Festival, 2012.
-- program essay

"Wings, 1927." San Francisco Silent Film Festival, 2012.
-- program essay


"He Who Gets Slapped, 1924." San Francisco Silent Film Festival, 2011.
-- program essay

"Thomas Gladysz's most treasured book." San Francisco Chronicle, July 10, 2011.


"Interview with Allen Ginsberg." In Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg, National Gallery of Art / Prestel, 2010.

Böhme, Margarete. The Diary of a Lost Girl (Louise Brooks edition). PandorasBox Press, 2010.
-- wrote extensive introduction to this edited volume


"Galley Talk." Publisher's Weekly, July 28, 2006.


"Louise Brooks." In Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, University of Nebraska Press, 2004.
-- entry in regional reference work


 "Jim Carroll: Verbal Entries." In Contemporary Literary Criticism, Gale Group, 2001.
-- interview with author of The Basketball Diaries


"Emil Petaja." Classic Images, October 2000.

"Emil Petaja (1915-2000)." September, Locus, September 2000.
-- obit of the science fiction writer

"Publisher's Ask, 'Who Reads'?" In The Contentville Reader, Contentville, 2000.


"On the Poetry Beat." American Bookseller, March 1998.


"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, December 1997.
-- last column covering local art scene

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, October 1997.

"San Francisco Silent Film Festival a Success." Classic Images, September 1997.

"Bookstore Bestsellers: Erotica." American Bookseller, July 1997.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, June/July 1997.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, February 1997.


"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, December 1996.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, October 1996.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, June/July 1996.

"Silent Film Festival in San Francisco." Classic Images, June 1996.

"Interview with Allen Ginsberg." In Spontaneous Mind: Selected Interviews, 1958-1996, HarperCollins, 1996.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, February 1996.


"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, December 1995.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, October 1995.

"Charting the World of Fiction in Translation." American Bookseller, June 1995.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, June/July 1995.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, March 1995.

"Opening Festivities at SFMOMA." Art-Talk, March 1995.

"Jim Carroll: Verbal Entries." X-Ray, Winter, 1995.
-- interview with author of The Basketball Diaries

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, January 1995.


"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, December 1994.

"Walking Art: Hayes Valley." SF Live, November 1994.

"Walking Art: Grant Avenue Corridor." SF Live, October 1994.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, October 1994.

"Silent Film Festival Debuts in San Francisco." Classic Images, September 1994.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, June/July 1994.

"An Interview with poet, composer, and Fluxus artist Jackson Mac Low." X-Ray, Spring 1994.

"Interview with Allen Ginsberg." Reed Magazine, Spring 1994.
-- journal from San Jose State University

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, March 1994.

"The Latest on Book Clubs and Reading Groups." American Bookseller, February 1994.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, January 1994.


"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, December 1993.

"People in Books: George Evans." American Bookseller, December 1993.
-- profile of the poet

"The Poetry Revolution." American Bookseller, December 1993.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, October 1993.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, June/July 1993.

"Rock Bottom Remainders Bring Three Chords and an Attitude to ABA." ABA Show Daily, 1993.

"Kid's Book Events from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks." American Bookseller, March 1993.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, March 1993.

"Reading, Writing and Referencing." American Bookseller, January 1993.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, January 1993.


"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, December 1992.

"San Francisco Scene." Art-Talk, October 1992.
-- my first column covering local art scene

"Paul Strand: More than Attractive Images." West Art, August 14, 1992.

"Robert Rauschenberg: The Early 1950s." West Art, July 24, 1992.

"Geological Architecture." San Francisco Sentinel, July 17, 1992.

"One Sings, One Writes: The Rock Bottom Remainders." American Bookseller, July 1992.

"On the Composition of Images, Signs & Ideas, by Giordano Bruno." Small Press, Spring 1992.
-- book review

"Some Recent California Art." West Art, May 22, 1992.

"Stuart Davis: American Painter." West Art, April 24, 1992.

"Images of an Islamic Paradise." Montclarion, March 12, 1992.

"Let's Murder the Moonshine: Selected Writings, by F.T. Marinetti." Small Press, Winter 1992.
-- book review

"Historic Photographic Images by Peter Stackpole." West Art, February 28, 1992.

"Surrealist Works from Mexico." West Art, February 14, 1992.


"Lee Friedlander Photography." West Art, December 27, 1991.

"Memorable images in Peter Stackpole show." Berkeley Voice, December 10, 1991.

"Interview with Allen Ginsberg." Shots, November/December 1991.
-- photography 'zine

"Theatere in Revolution." San Francisco Sentinel, November 28, 1991.

"Robert Bechtle: A Sense of Atmosphere." West Art, November 8, 1991.

"Modern African art on display at Berkeley's UAM." Montclarion, November 1, 1991.

"Video and Bookstores: The Big Picture." American Bookseller, November 1991.

"One Hundred Paintings, by Russell Chatham." Small Press, Fall 1991.
-- book review

"Medea the Sorceress, by Diane Wakoski." Small Press, Fall 1991.
-- book review

"The Destruction of Tilted Arc: Documents, by Clara Weyergraf-Serra and Martha Buskirk." Small Press, Fall 1991.
-- book review

"The Flowering of San Francisco's Critical and Literary Renaissance." San Francisco Review of Books, Fall 1991.

"Genius Over Gender: Wendy Lesser on Current Theories About Men, Women and Creation of Art." San Francisco Review of Books, Fall 1991.
-- interview / profile co-authored with Linda Voris

"Facing Independence." San Francisco Independent, October 15, 1991.
-- review of exhibit of art from Indonesia

"Ralph Eugene Meatyard: American Visionary." West Art, October 11, 1991.

"Bringing Books to Life: A Bay Area Rep Reaches Out Through Reading Aloud." American Bookseller, September 1991.

"Speaking Volumes for Small Presses." American Bookseller, September 1991.

"Poet/Photographer Allen Ginsberg." West Art, August 9, 1991.

My interview made the cover
of Photo Metro.

"Assemblage of Works by Betye and Alison Saar." West Art, August 9, 1991.

"Interview with Allen Ginsberg." Photo Metro, August 1991.
-- cover story (see pic)

"Duane Michals: A Penchant for Narrative." San Francisco Sentinel, July 25, 1991.

"Ronald Bladen's Bold Vision." San Francisco Sentinel, June 13, 1991.

"Addressing the Human Figure." Oakland Post, May 29, 1991.

"Francesco Clemente's Three Worlds." West Art, May 24, 1991.

"John Langley Howard's Life in Art." West Art, April 26, 1991.

"Sacred Art of Tibet." Berkeley Tri-City Post, April 24, 1991.

"Audio Appreciation: A Crash Course in Recorded Literature." American Bookseller, April 1991.

"17th century Dutch masterpieces at de Young." Montclarion, March 12, 1991.

"Freud exhibit fascinating." Montclarion, February 12, 1991.

"Alma Lavenson Photography: From Pictorialism to Modernism." West Art, January 11, 1991.


"New Pop Art by Roy Lichenstein." West Art, December 14, 1990.

"The Profits of Poetry." American Bookseller, November 1990.

"Ze'ev Chafets Sings the Motown Blues." San Francisco Chonicle, October 29, 1990.
-- book review

"Surrealism seen anew." Montclarion, October 16, 1990.

"Man Ray." Photo Metro, October, 1990.

"Lee Miller, Photographer." West Art, October 12, 1990.

"Paul Klee: The Bauhaus Years." West Art, September 28, 1990.

"Radiant Silhoutte: New and Selected Work 1974-1988, by John Yau." Small Press, October, 1988.
-- book review

"Jim Dine Drawings, 1973-1987." West Art, September 14, 1990.

"Skin-Deep Bio of Marianne Moore." San Francisco Chonicle, August 26, 1990.

"Lee Friedlander Photography in Two Exhibitions." West Art, August 24, 1990.

"A Suitcase of Soviet Satire." San Francisco Chonicle, August 12, 1990.
-- book review of The Suitcase by Sergei Dovlatov

"Photographer focuses on social landscapes." Montclarion, August 7, 1990.

"de Young shows art from 19th century." Marin Independent Journal, July 17, 1990.

"Exhibit: Photographer Minor White." Berkeley Tri-City Post, July 1, 1990.

"Interview with Jackson Mac Low." Five Fingers Review, Spring 1990.

"Paul Klee's art explores man's interior vision." Montclarion, June 19, 1990.

"John Baldessari: An Artist's Artist." West Art, June 8, 1990.

"Midwestern Stories of Yearning and Loss." San Francisco Chonicle, May 20, 1990.
-- book review of Stuart Dybek's The Coast of Chicago; quoted on the paperback release

"Graciela Iturbide Photographs Show Magic Realism." West Art, May 11, 1990

"The Bachelor Life of Mark Twain." San Francisco Chonicle, May 6, 1990.
-- book review

"Treasures of American Folk Art." West Art, April 27, 1990.

"New Vision focuses on breakthroughs in photography." Marin Independent Journal, March 12, 1990.

"Early American Photography." West Art, March 9, 1990.

"A Model Couple - Architect and Poet at Top of their Fields." Noe Valley Voice, March 1990.
-- profile of architect Cathy Simon and poet Michael Palmer

"Jay DeFeo Remembered." West Art, February 23, 1990.

"Robert Mapplethorpe's Perfect Moment." West Art, February 9, 1990.


"Thor Heyerdahl Tackles History's Rocky Mystery." San Francisco Chonicle, December 31, 1989.
-- book review

"Making a Movement." Marin Independent Journal, December 17, 1989.

"Figurative art display saucy and engaging." Montclarion, December 5, 1989.
-- story on Beatrice Wood exhibit with q&a

"Piecing Together the Lorca Legend." San Francisco Chonicle, November 12, 1989.
-- review of Frederico Garcia Lorca biography

Marco Sassone: New Paintings, Diane Nelson Gallery, 1989.
-- introductory essay in gallery catalog

"Exhibit: Diamonds are Forever." Oakland Post, October 18, 1989.

"Museum Shows Society of Six." Montclarion, October 10, 1989.

"A Brief, Intense Flame." San Francisco Chonicle, August 20, 1989.
-- book review of Sylvia Plath biography

"S.F. Museum displays works of Paul Klee." Marin Independent Journal, August 10, 1989.

"Diane Wakoski's Textured Words." San Francisco Chonicle, July 30, 1990.
-- book review

"George Evans' Streetfare Journal Puts Art and Poetry in Motion." Noe Valley Voice, July/August 1989.
-- includes q&a with the poet

"David Park Exhibit at Museum." Berkeley Tri-City Post, June 4, 1989.

"Exhibition showcases Jewish Art." Hayward Review, April 18, 1989.

"Inspired world of mad genius: Adolphi Wolfi." Montclarion, April 18, 1989.

"Gino Sbrana at Museo ItaloAmericano." North Beach Now, March 1989.

"Legion unveils Gericault show." Marin Independent Journal, February 8, 1989.

"Exhibit: Granville Redmond." Berkeley Tri-City Post, January 1, 1989.


"Contemporary art according to Freud at Legion of Honor." Montclarion, December 27, 1988.

"Giacometti exhibit shows his broad range of style." Contra Costa Times, December 21, 1988.

"Artists tune into video revolution." Marin Independent Journal, November 21, 1988.

"Australia is listening." The Street, November 1988.
-- interview with poet August Kleinzahler

"Exhibit underlines the complexity of primitive art." Hayward Review, September 2, 1988.

"Exploring the elements of Ellsworth Kelly." Oakland Tribune, August 26, 1988.

"The Art of Seduction: Andrew Wyth's Helga paintings come to the de Young Museum." The Street, August 1988.

Marco Sassone, Italian Cultural Institute, 1988.
-- introductory essay in exhibition catalogue

"Winslow Homer's Civil War art at de Young." Piedmonter, July 26, 1988.

"Artist Wayne Thiebaud celebrates the everyday image." Contra Costa Times, July 20, 1988.

"Joan Mitchell gets personal in art show." Oakland Tribune, June 7, 1988.

"Eccentrics exhilarate in Japanese art show." Marin Independent Journal, June 7, 1988.

"Show celebrates clan of architects, artists." Pleasanton Valley Times, June 2, 1988.

"The Macho Approach: Dalva, by Jim Harrison." The Street, June 1988.
-- book review

"Painting the Town: Four North Beach Street Artists." North Beach Now, May 1988.
-- profiles of local painters

"The Starn Twins: most original artists today." Alameda Times Star, May 6, 1988.

"Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung by Lester Bangs," Berkeley Monthly, May 1988.
-- book review

"Museum shows wackiest hats." Marin Independent Journal, April 18, 1988.

"Diego Rivera exhibit shows his power, influence." Oakland Tribune, April 5, 1988.

"Fin de siecle drawings show art world flux." Oakland Tribune, March 29, 1988.

"Brian Eno seeks mood by painting with video." Contra Costa Times, March 31, 1988.

"Fin de siecle drawings show art world flux." Oakland Tribune, March 29, 1988.

"Joan Miro's artistic vision as seen in his sketchbooks." Oakland Tribune, March 15, 1988.

"Julian Schnabel's deep image." San Francisco Progress, February 19, 1988.

"John Graham: modern art's little known synthesizer." Oakland Tribune, February 2, 1988.

"Marc Chagall makes the ordinary poetic." Contra Costa Times, January 13, 1988.

"Robinson Jeffers: A Continueing Presence." San Francisco Review of Books, January 1988.
-- article and q&a with Puliter Prize winners William Stafford and Robert Hass


"Anderson Collection a wealth of graphic mediums." Contra Costa Times, October 4, 1987.

"Georgia Stone displays talents of Margaret Jenkins, Yoko Ono." Contra Costa Times, September 24, 1987.

"Joel Grey is outstanding" - my
review quoted in the advertisement.

"Swiss Architect has one-man show in SF." Contra Costa Times, August 27, 1987.
-- about Mario Botta

"Exhibit is psychedelic hodge-podge." San Francisco Progress, August 23, 1987.

"Utopia seen through the camera lense." San Francisco Progress, July 19, 1987.

"Cabaret." Contra Costa Times, May 20, 1987.
-- theater review; widely quoted in the ad campaign (see pic)

"When 'make-it-new' guided world of art." San Francisco Progress, April 19, 1987.


"Jackson Mac Low." Burning World, July / August 1986.
-- interview with the experimental writer


"Violent Femmes' show may be one of the best." Lansing State Journal, May 30, 1985.
-- concert review

"David Byrne's antics make Sense." Lansing State Journal, April 27, 1985.

"Love Tractor, Rhythm Corp to perform at Rick's Cafe." Lansing State Journal, April 6, 1985.

Kostelanetz, Richard, "Epiphanies." Red Cedar Review, Spring 1985.
-- edited & arranged selection of Kostelanetz's experimental text

"Canadian Perspectives: Conversation with Robert Kroetsch and Eli Mandel." Red Cedar Review, Spring 1985.

"The Collected Greed, Parts 1–13, by Diane Wakoski: A Review." Red Cedar Review, Spring 1985.

"Catching Up a Bitter Buddhist: An Interview with Allen Ginsberg." Red Cedar Review, Spring 1985.

"Primitivism traced in Detroit art show." Lansing State Journal, February 28, 1985.
-- review of exhibit at Detroit Institute of the Arts

"French poet's film reflects a dream." State News, February 14, 1985.

"Beat generation poet talks about his work." State News, February 14, 1985.
-- includes q&a
with Allen Ginsberg

"The Good Fight tells vet's story." State News, January 18, 1985.

"Eugene Atget's photos are garden of details." State News, January 4, 1985.
-- review of exhibit at Detroit Institute of the Arts


"Glenn Branca's metal symphony." State News, November 29, 1984.

"Should aging theaters be saved?" State News, October 19, 1984.
-- feature story on the Fox Theater in Detroit

"Gloria Steinem speaks out on Reagan, porn and ERA." State News, October 19, 1984.
-- co-authored piece, includes q&a

"Kate Clinton makes waves with feminist comedy." State News, October 18, 1984.
-- includes q&a with the feminist comedian

"Ed Sanders speaks out on poetry, the Fugs." State News, October 18, 1984.
-- profile with the writer and musician

"John Irving speaks out in Ann Arbor." State News, October 9, 1984.
-- feature on the novelist

"Harry Callahan's personal vision." State News, October 1, 1984.
-- includes q&a with the photographer; quoted in Harry Callahan: New Color - Photographs, 1978-1987 (Hallmark, 1988)

"You're a Hook LP collects Dial-A-Poem's impressive history." State News, October 9, 1984.
-- includes q&a with poet John Giorno

My review of a Clash concert,
signed by Joe Strummer and the band.

"Susan Rothenberg at DIA." State News, September 20, 1984.
-- review of exhibit at Detroit Institute of the Arts

"A Look inside a poet's world." State News, September 2, 1984.
-- interview with poet Diane Wakoski

"Polish art in Detroit." State News, August 22, 1984.

"Lenny's comic legacy." State News, August 6, 1984.
-- interview with Kitty Bruce, daughter of comic Lenny Bruce

"Max Weinberg on The Big Beat." State News, July 27, 1984.
-- interview with Bruce Springsteen's drummer

"Laurie Anderson's avant-garde vision." State News, May 18, 1984.
-- interview with the performance artist

"Clash in Detroit." State News, May 10, 1984.
-- concert review; the band "approved" and autographed my article (see pic)

"Rock in a hard place by The Plastic People." State News, May 7, 1984.
-- about the Czech rock band The Plastic People of the Universe

"Artist reveals flaws in the fabric." State News, April 6, 1984.
-- profile/interview with artist Sue Coe

"Artists in Exile." State News, March 30, 1984.
-- article/q&a with Russian poet and future Nobel Prize winner Joesph Brodsky

"Yoko Ono gives life to a symbol on Honey LP." State News, March 8, 1984.

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